Edward Javier: A New Legacy


Courtesy of IG (tag_the_shooter)

Eddie Javier Jr. is a New Jersey native and current CSU baseball player

Redshirt sophomore Edward Javier Jr. is a standout baseball player, and criminal justice major who one day hopes to attend law school or play professionally in Major League Baseball.

Javier credited his family for helping him pursue baseball. He counts his father, Edward Javier, as especially vital to his development — and the best coach he has had to date.

“My parents made several sacrifices for me to be where I am, and I am forever grateful for that, he said.

When asked about Javier’s decision to attend Coppin State University Javier had several reasons, but he specifically stated the most important reason which was that  “They took a chance on me, very friendly, and they made me feel as if I was at home and it is an HBCU,” he said. He also appreciated Coppin State’s diversity.

D1Baseball.com ranked Javier one of the most draftable Major League Baseball prospects from the  Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference, where Coppin State and other historically black institutions compete.

This past summer, Javier had the opportunity to play for the Utica Blue Sox, a minor summer league team in New York alongside his teammate Giovanni Canales. Javier shared his experience at Utica and the abundant opportunities, growth, and lessons he learned throughout the summer. 

Little Leagues and junior high baseball teams in the New York area look forward to Utica’s season, and this past summer Javier’s play caught their eye. The fan support developed into Eddie’s Hype House, a group of young baseball players who were especially forward with their support of him.

“It was my first version of fame, and it was great seeing them cheer for all of us,” he said.

Javier is hugely grateful to his coaches for helping him play with one of the country’s top college summer leagues. Catholicism is also a major part of this New Jersey native’s life, and he places even more importance on it than his favorite sport.

“My faith pushes me every day,” he said. He has a particular routine as well: “I always do the sign of the cross on the base; I pray before every game, the little things that keep me and my mind in peace.”

Javier has a special bond with Matt Day, a redshirt sophomore outfielder and Washington D.C. native who showed him how to become a better player. “That’s my guy,” Javier said. “He took me in like I was his little brother.”

Javier is in a relationship with Ashley Roman, a Coppin State volleyball player, who he met .  during the summer of 2019.

“She inspires me in everything from the classroom to the athletic room,” he said, calling her one of his biggest inspirations. They make sure to attend each other’s games.

Since Roman is a fellow college athlete, Javier has learned a bit from her about how to carry himself in the college environment.

“Ashley taught me a lot about discipline and how to shoot for the stars,” he said.“There is no one like her, and I am grateful we are going through college and life together.” 

Keylin Perez is a Junior nursing major and editor of the Courier. This story is part of a series called Athlete of The Week. The Courier will publish the next installment of this series on Nov. 12.