Oct. 11: Girl v. the COVID pandemic

Watkin Tudor Jones once said, “The only real things in life is the unexpected things”.  The last year and a half have certainly proven that fact to be true.  When I graduated High School, I planned on making the world mine.  I had moved out into the world, and started seeing the world clearly, as if it was for the first time.

Finally, being away from my parents, being surrounded by so many wonderful people, and falling in love with my classes.  Who would have known a 3-week spring break would have turned into a yearlong homeschool?  On one hand, I saved on housing.  On the other hand, we were genuinely robbed.

Some people go on Twitter and complain about which year had it the worst, but the answer is all of the above.  Anyone in college before the pandemic, lost physical class time and social events they aren’t getting back.  The Freshmen coming into college didn’t even have a Junior or Senior year to prepare them, and the High School Seniors and Juniors literally spent more time on their computers than in the actual school building.

They said that College is the best time of our lives, but for us, It was the best rout of our lives.  A literal hiatus in all our lives, with a time skip.  This is not On My Block.  I want to see what happened in between my Freshman and Junior Year.  Regardless, I have wasted enough time as is.  I want to live life to the fullest again.

The problem is, I am extremely afraid of COVID-19.  Unfortunately, multiple family members of mine, both young and old, passed from the virus.  It also doesn’t help that I have anxiety.

I want to go back in the world, but how can I do that when I get nervous at grocery stores?  I decided I am going to rise above the anxiety and push forward.  Maybe I will succeed, maybe I will fail, maybe the delta, alpha and omega variants will shut us down.  Regardless, I will try, and I hope you, dear reader will get something out of it too.