Talon Talk & Wings?


In the midst of  “I Love Coppin Week”, students were in for a marvelous treat.  During University Hour {free hour block for students}, Coppin had their first Talon Talk and Wings.  This event was hosted by Student Body President, Justin Evans.  This event gave an opportunity for students to ask questions to President Jenkins.  

In this event, Evans asked President Jenkins nine questions.  As the questions became spicer, so did the wings for the President to eat before answering.  The wing flavors ranged from Old Bay Sauce to “The End”, which by reading the title one can imagine the reaction.  Students were also in luck for delicious food options by the cafeteria during the event.

“This is another great opportunity where I get to interact with our students.  I love our students; I love what I do.”  President Jenkins expressed.

The students predicted President Jenkins would get to seven wings and quit, while others predicted that he wouldn’t get past the first wing.  

Dija Thompson, a student attending the event conveyed “The best part was seeing the president bond with the students.”

The panel was filled with exciting news about the future of Coppin State, ranging from information about the new business building, to new food options available to students.  New information was also shared about there being new housing options for freshmen on campus and upperclassmen off campus, which especially interested students.

“I think it is a tradition that should continue.I always had respect for President Jenkins, I think he really cares about his community.” Alexia Austin, a Coppin State student stated.  

Talon Talk will go down as a fond memory in the minds of the students. It is exciting that the President is someone who embodies a great relationship with students, and cares about his campus community!