Anthony Tarke: NBA hopeful


Anthony Tarke finished his final year of college basketball having won both MEAC Player of the Year & Defensive Player of the Year.

A wise man once said, “Sports serve society by providing vivid examples of excellence.” 2020 has been a year of several tribulations, but it also has been a year of resiliency. The pandemic has encouraged individuals to be more persistent in their dreams and personal growth.

Students at Coppin State University have exceeded the standards in so many ways; the consistent effort, heart, and strength have uplifted students and athletes to shoot for the stars. Playing a Division one sport is more than a dream to athletes worldwide; nevertheless, being offered the opportunity to pursue your dream professionally. The NBA Draft is a stressful but enjoyable time for the most sensational players in the country, and although Anthony was not drafted. He used that as motivation to continue working hard and ended up later on signing exhibit 10 contract with the Detroit Pistons.

Anthony Tarke is an ideal example of strength, determination, and faith. Many may know Anthony’s story, his reason for playing, his dreams; however, as I was able to interview his younger brother, I was able to find a unique perspective of Anthony’s story. Anthony is seen as a sensation in the court to several individuals watching him, but he is viewed as a role model and inspiration to his little brother. Aside from being a star player at Coppin State University, Anthony was able to play Division one Basketball with his brother Nendah Tarke. Nendah describes his brother as a light in the room, very driven, and never backs down. Behind Anthony stands a brother, friend, and mentee, which is his brother Nendah.

There is nothing better than having a genuine connection with a family member, and Anthony continues to excel and motivate his brother to be where he is, in the NBA one day. The dream of several basketball players worldwide. Nendah and Coppin’s basketball team would describe Anthony as “a goofy individual, and the adult in the room.” The importance of Basketball is viewed differently in individuals; Nendah delineated that making it to the NBA is surreal for his brother since it was once a simple dream far from their reach, and it is now a reality of their daily life. The NBA has expanded this young athlete’s life. The university and community continue to support Anthony and wish him the best as he embarks the beginning of this unique journey, a job of a lifetime.