Covid-19 and the Eagles

Georgia Wynter, Staff Writer

This past year, the coronavirus ravaged the country, leaving a path of destruction in its wake. Many people in the country are left struggling from the emotional, social and economic impact the virus has caused. One set of Americans that were also hit hard were college students, especially those who had just started school.

While dealing with the effects of the virus, college students had to face online classes head-on, leaving many of them stressed and panicked with nowhere else to turn. Although having classes online seems like a walk in the park, there were many students who were at a disadvantage. Some had no electronics to use, no internet source and most were dealing with mental issues that came about from the pandemic and personal issues in their lives.

To have some semblance of normalcy, after that grueling year, Coppin State University has decided to reopen the campus for the upcoming fall semester. To ensure a safe and sound campus, incoming students must be fully vaccinated before being allowed on campus in the dormitories and before attending classes. Students can be exempt from taking the vaccine but it has to be for religious or medical reasons. The commitment to a safe campus does not end there. Unvaccinated individuals with a reason must be tested every week and have their results sent to the Medical center, while vaccinated students get tested every two weeks.

The opinions of the students, however, are what really matters, in the grand scheme of things. I interviewed two students on campus. Nya Hursey and Rashell O. are two juniors who I’ve asked for their opinions on what the school is doing for the students to come back on campus.

Rashell commented on how safe she feels commuting to school for this semester – “Slightly, because the majority of us are vaccinated so if we do get it, it won’t hurt as much,” she said.
I asked the students if they thought an outbreak would occur on campus Rashell thought that there wouldn’t be “a major outbreak, but a few people will get sick. It’s inevitable.”

I asked if there was concern about going to school with unvaccinated individuals. Both Nya and Rashellexpressed worry because they believe that they put themselves and others at risk. Nya added that the precautionary measures put in place are good but could be better.

The few questions I asked and the answers garnered are only a glimpse into what the majority of the students here at Coppin State University feel like. Of course, this plan instituted is just in its preliminary stages and still needs tweaking for however long the pandemic should continue. The only thing for everyone to do is wear a mask, get vaccinated, maintain that 6 feet distance when possible and avoid large social gatherings. The parties will be here after this Hell is over.